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Belinda Van Zwijndrecht

Competition Entries
Competition Entries

Belinda is a visual artist and singer-songwriter based in Bloemfontein and working from her private studio, Gallery House.  

She studied BAFA at the University of the Free State and has worked as an independent musician and visual artist since 2002.  Van Zwijndrecht has been the project manager for the Artists in Schools project funded by the Lotto for four years and before that, was a junior lecturer at an independent graphic design college, DCM as the drawing and history of graphic design lecturer.

Belinda’s visual art has gone through many phases and influences due to her travels as a musician and the diverse people and landscapes she encounters.  Her style reminds viewers of expressionistic cubist art and she incorporates mixed medium into her latest work.  Van Zwijndrecht works with oil paint, digital media and found objects.

Van Zwijndrecht is currently working as an independent artist and musician and her music video, ‘Dagdanser’ is featured on KykNetNou. Known as Belinda van Zee in the music industry and as Belinda van Zwijndrecht in the visual arts, she sees herself as working in both disciplines for as long as she can and believes in the strong influence that artists can have on society.

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2021 Entrant
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