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Andrea Chounyane

Competition Entries
Competition Entries
Andrea is a fine arts student at the University of the Free State. Her ideas are a  culmination of many impressions about the world that have interested her ever since she can remember such as the macabre, political and metaphysical, as well as political philosophies of traditional art from the Romanticist age and a continual exploration of the best ways to visualise these ideas. Although she primarily works with photography, oil paint and acrylic drawing ink, she does not limiot herself conceptually. Her inspiration, knowledge and ideas are constantly evolving, each piece being and add-on to where she is from, what she has learned and the direction she might be heading in.

She created a mixed media niche for herself combining oil pastel, oil paint and charcoal to create atmospheric and dramatic landscapes. Her work subverts the traditional style of the Romanticists and touches on the idea of history repeating itself, and class struggles between the working class and the wealthy, with the wealth gap now being larger than it was during the French Revolution. Her work hints at what could become a very real reality if systems of oppression through capitalism continue to thrive and be fuelled by those in power and the rich.

Competition history:
2021 Entrant