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Bokang Nkejane

Competition Entries
Competition Entries

Born in Ficksburg in 1994. I believe I went to relatively good schools. I’ve liked creative work for as long as I can remember. In fact, nothing outside of family, in the last five years has caused me more happiness, but also stress, than my pursuit of art.

I'm currently studying for an art diploma at the Central University of Technology. 

I am a Christian. I enjoy reading. I like self-development material. I meditate regularly. Some other hobbies that I maintain are swimming, running, writing and going out with friends. I recently joined the gym and I’m loving it. It’s made me realise that one can think that they’ve reached a certain capacity of love but then surprisingly finding out that they’re capable of so much more. What can I say? I am passionate about life.

Competition history:
2019 Merit Award