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Ditshwanelo Mosiea

Competition Entries
Competition Entries
Ditshwanelo Kina Mosiea was born in 1998 in Mount Fletcher (Eastern Cape), and is a self-taught artist, Junior Architectural Draughtsmanship Design lecturer at Qualitas Career Academy and a Candidate Architectural Draughtswoman at Roodt* Architects in Bloemfontein.

Her journey as an artist started back when she was 14 and ever since then she has always known art was something she wanted to do even though she didn’t choose it as first choice in varsity. Over the years she has developed quite a bit of anxiety which has had a huge impact on her work. Art has become her source of therapy.

Her work revolves around black culture and identity and with that she likes to make a personal connection with herself and everyone that sees it in whichever ways may differ. She gives her art life using charcoal, paint, pen or pencil on paper as primary mediums depending on each individual piece. Her work is also a life journey depicting a variety of captured moments where you see all these issues in one single piece.

Competition history:
2021 Entrant