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Mfundo Joseph Mbali

Competition Entries
Competition Entries

Mfundo Mbali Joseph was born in in Rouxville, South Africa. Mfundo started painting from his early years at the Primary School, after he completed his education he continued working as a full-time artist. He predominately works on paintings using oil paint as medium, and has sold his art nationally and internationally in countries like Germany, Australia, USA and Switzerland.

His motto is “where there is poverty there is art, where there is Community there is Inspiration”. He has visited other countries like China for a study tour in 2015 where he made a name for himself during Macufe Arts Festival with his painting works Titled “Khoisan Woman Washing” where he was recognised for his art and won the second prize in 2013-2015 with a painting Titled “Bani’s Guitar”. He also got invited to exhibit in New York 2018 At Dacia Gallery under a theme "Painting the American Dream" where his work was later sold after an exhibition at an auction in Boston.

He paints everyday life scenes for which he draws inspiration from his rural home town. He walks around his town to hunt for scenes and takes snapshots to paint later on in his studio. After he completed his school education he continued working as a full-time artist.

His work is currently exhibited at the Art Bank of South Africa, and he has also participated in the Art Bank of SA's programmes.  He is also participating in the Harambe SACO Programme.

Competition history:
2021 Merit Award