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Nandipha Jantjies

Competition Entries
Competition Entries

I also go as Neferuda, a name I associate myself with as an artist. I grew up in Bloemfontein. I first got to do with art when I was nine years old, I knew there was something familiar with the love I grew for it.

I went on and did Visual Art and Dramatic Art in grade 10 as my subjects, and later matured with the years and I studied Studio Art and Design at CUT (I’m currently doing my last year), mostly in the graphic design section.

I create paintings and digital art to fill in meaning for those that need it.

I draw myself a lot, in different forms and characters. I pretty much include the likeness of myself within my art. My essence is essentially important to me, as much as aesthetics, detail, purity, and personality. All of that mentioned, are ideally my oxygen. My artworks question/challenges emotions, the human physique, religion, social constructs and classism. I sometimes tend to tap into what makes you human, besides being whole in terms of flesh, hence I dissect my people in my drawings.

I still believe in the term “explanation kills art”, but it has its roles on where it should and can be applied, but nonetheless it’s always beautiful to see how many concepts and meanings one can get from a single thing, and that’s what keeps the world spinning.

Competition history:
2021 Entrant