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2019 Competition entry

Belinda Van Zwijndrecht

Mixed media on canvas
122 x 95 x 5 cm
R15 000

‘Disposable’ is a multimedia artwork on canvas, inspired by surrealism, abstract modernism and cubism.  Depicted almost in the centre of the composition, the focal point is a figurative or machine-like object draining the sea onto or into the bottom right area of the artwork.  The clean blue water from the sea pours down into a shape that reminds us of a sink or drain, presumably flowing through a structure that looks like a cylinder shape with a small outlet.  From here black and darker colours start spreading, polluting the beach or land on the rest of the canvas, creating contrast.

An interesting texture is created using digital medium, oil paint, pen, pencil and photography combined with specific found objects.  At first glance the square mirror at the bottom right of the work is hidden in the surrounding dark and abstract colours.  The idea is to ‘surprise’ the viewer, unexpectedly seeing themselves or a part of themselves and thus involving the viewer into the artwork.  The mirror symbolises a window to the surrealistic landscape, this points to voyeurism and how we sometimes indulge, watching from a safe distance, not taking responsibility or getting involved.  Questioning how we see each other through the ‘screens’ of the digital age, the effect that some physical and technological advances may have on human behaviour and nature. 

I use the integration of art materials, uncovered canvas and torn, reused canvas to explore the blurred lines between reality and imagination in our daily lives.  Do we see life, nature and each other as objects or commodities, have we developed a world view of - everything can be fixed instantly and controlled, or ‘swiped’ through and be forgotten.  Do we live in fragmented virtual lives seeing everything and everyone as disposable and replaceable?