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Honey I’m home!

2019 Competition entry

Belinda Van Zwijndrecht

Photomontage and oil paint
30 x 30 x 5 cm
R7 000

Working with oil and photomontage on canvas, two female figures in 50’s style dresses are depicted around a Victorian style coffee table with a small flower bouquet in the middle.  This table is binding the round fringed carpet and the figure with her arms in the air on the right side and the standing figure on the left side.  The two figures are in conversation with each other, reminding us of a social or domestic scene.  The abstract space in which the figures are ‘floating’, could be representative of a room, dream or even a nightmare.  When referring to the title of the work, ‘Honey I’m home!’, the ladies in the tea room are placed in the same context of a heteronormative married couple where the husband comes home after work to his wife and brings an alternative view on the relationship between the women in the painting.   

I use actual cut-outs of my family photographs, with the aim to make a historical connection between current power dynamics, gender roles - expectations and beliefs on sexuality and the colonial background of this part of my family and how I, as a South African / Afrikaans raised, sexual fluid woman see and experience the effect of these beliefs.