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2021 Competition entry

Belinda Van Zwijndrecht

Oil on canvas
135 x 35 x 5 cm
R22 500

Inundation:  an overwhelming abundance of people or things

Inundation is a word often used when describing a flood, also referring to an overload, abundance or when something becomes ‘too much’.  I made use of bright yellows and lighter colours with images representing electricity poles and cables, haphazardly connected to other shapes and to the darker part of the painting on the viewer’s righthand side.

The concept came from my personal need to have some space or distance from the overload of information that we all live with from time to time, especially since 2020 when it seemed that the lines between isolation and connection became blurry and overwhelming.  The shades of blue, ‘flowing’ over or breaking through the overcrowded part of the painting on the righthand side symbolises water, life, nature, freedom, tranquillity, hope and movement.  The cube-like shapes and lines in the painting refer to houses, shacks, flat blocks, urban or cityscapes.  Also considering that the painting itself is a shape with physical boundaries.  With all the shapes and lines reaching or connecting with each other, the viewer is reminded of the fact that even when you want to break free from everyday life, everyone will always be connected, no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from current happenings.   Whether they are physical or psychological lines, edges, staircases or boundaries are part of our existence as individuals or as living beings.  Boundaries and freedom cannot exist without each other.