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Amygdala 3

2021 Competition entry

Lebohang Thulo

Charcoal on fabriano
100 x 70.5 cm
R30 000

Amygdala 3 is the third work in the AMYGDALA series. The series is named after the part of the brain that is tasked with regulating emotions and tying emotional meaning to memories and as such the works in the series strives to provide imagery that evokes emotions within the viewer through familiarity. This work displays the playing of a sweet melody that inspired triumph over oppressive forces and has for some time summoned the respect and loyalty of a generation. But how long can one play a melody before it becomes a caricature of itself, tedious and off tune to the ears of a newer generation? A generation of listeners, swayed by the resonance of melodies of their time. Response to a melody played the same way shifts over time, no matter how sweet.