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The connected land

2017 Competition entry

Thandi Sliepen

Oil on canvas
133 cm x 43.5 cm

A friend commented that this landscaping is crying.  While Thandi had not thought of that, it may be true.

But it is also the connected land. The sky is like time raining down on the land, passing right through the land, changing it, drawing it out, carting it, weaving it.  The great medium of growth, the earth's atmosphere and soil, a great connected living tapestry.  The rich layers, stacked dimensions, underground rivers and bird call threads the overflowing cambium of life.  

In this painting we see the dripping paint technique , almost leaving a white hole in the sky. So yes, perhaps this is also the crying land due to the poisoning of the land, the erosion of life, the bare patches where nothing will grow.  These are tears for our losses, frustrations and grief - and then ultimately joy for the great flow pouring through us all.