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Waiting for the next move

2017 Competition entry

Cecilia Maartens-Van Vuuren

Not Signed
Oil, collage on wood
120 cm x 120 cm

On the journey of life we frequently find ourselves in a state of limbo - waiting.  We are in-between two events, finding ourselves in a space of indeterminacy because we do not know when the event that we are waiting for is going to happen; it is a time rich with ambiguity, uncertainty, and the possibility of creative fomentation.

Each individual may approach this waiting process differently: either with patience, having compassion for human error or being part of a system over which we have no control, or impatient to the point of anger and frustration.  To find yourself in a waiting place where "people pass through but do not live in", is to find yourself in a place that is "other", thus a heterotopian space that exists halfway between the impossibility of Utopia (unreal spaces that do not actually exist), and the experience of reality, thus spaces wherein virtuality and reality meet and exchange. One of the characteristics of a heterotopian space is the prevalence of "more than meets the eye", for me depicted by the seemingly immobile postures of people waiting, not revealing any signs of the imminent thoughts and emotions.

The intensity or seriousness of the event being waited for has a direct impact on our behavior.

The game of chess was consciously designed to represent the world of transformation on a restricted field of action. Each player utilises the different forces of nature as well as the psychological motivations hidden within.  Chess mirrors our relationship with the outer world, and allows us to reflect upon our inner self as we warp and weave our way to victory.

In life as in chess, we are constantly at war with out thoughts and emotions: waiting for the move, either political, social or spiritual; positioning ourselves for various possibilities and acting thereon.