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Portrait on the ground-surface: Reflective water images

2018 Competition entry

Ndukenhle Mpanza

Reduction-linocut on Fabriano
4,39 cm x 52,5 cm


In the process of image-making through conceptualisation, I explored the theme of "reflective water images", which refers to the images produced by nature through the shining or shadowing of the water surface, or through what's simply known as mirror-image. In the work I was concerned with how light reproduces in the water surface, whereby shadows which act in opposition with the light are still present in the light image produced by natural light. 

I worked closer with the ground surface to capture the details or the essence of nature, which were present in the drain-metal frame. And ironically, the metal frame displayed more natural objects such as trees, leaves and clouds in a detailed manner, while everything that is visible in the water surface faded or changed with time as the water slowly vanished by the heat produced by the sun. I worked form digital photographs to drawings, which I transferred into printmaking images. Reduction linocut imaging-process was used for the production hereof.