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Abigail Barnard

Competition Entries
Competition Entries
Abigail Barnard is her name. However, her artist's name is Abz. The name Abz was chosen because it has sentimental meaning for her as a nickname that everyone calls her. It's the person they see and the person she wants to be. Not just to live up to the person they know she is capable of being. But to be the person she know she is capable of becoming. The name Abz is unique because it represents a piece of herself that is on display for all to see. She gets to share a piece of herself with the rest of the world. She wants to show people the beauty and wonder that this world has to offer, and she likes to highlight that through her artwork.

She is a visual artist who specialises in sculpting, ceramics, painting, and drawing. As Abz the artist. she wants to try new things and make them her own, as well as share her life experiences, how she sees the world and what she feels and thinks about it.

Competition history:
2021 Entrant