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Lilian Brink

Competition Entries
Competition Entries
Lilian Brink was born in South Africa, Bloemfontein and matriculated in 2016. Her interest in drawing and photography was prominent from a young age and formed the foundation for her interest in art and design. She studied at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography in 2019, before applying for a BA degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Free State, where she is currently in her fourth and final year of studies.

She enjoys experimenting with a wide variety of media, including mixed-media drawing, digital art, printmaking and photography. Recently, she has also started playing with less traditional art materials, such as snakeskin, ash and rust powder. She often explores themes relating to the passing of time, transformation, unpredictability and the variety of human experiences and perceptions of the world around us.

Lilian hopes to continue with her studies in the future, either pursuing a MA in Fine Arts, Photography or Digital Arts.

Competition history:
2021 Entrant
2019 Entrant