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Garden Affair

2016 Competition entry

Adam Truscott

Paper montage, pencil, Indian ink, crayon, acrylic, gouache
762 mm x 1017 mm


Sinful man needs little persuasion to reject the Biblical God in favour of a god that man has created in his own image – himself. 

So it’s life without God as usual as the high priests of Humanism and their disciples commune beneath the shade of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They eat the fruit it bares with an expectation of greater knowledge and reason. Like wolves in sheep’s clothing they usher their followers through the Wide Gate whose way is broad and eventually leads to destruction. The Wide Gate is also an altar to Humanism and her priests burn the Holy Scriptures there, but some pages escape and only serve to reiterate that “The Word of God shall not return void.”

The other way is a Narrow Road that is difficult but leads to life everlasting. Few are able to find it.

Underpinning the piece are some thorny issues in science: marine fossils found at high altitudes - evidence of Noah’s flood; the heart and brain - two human executive faculties; the Bacterium Flagellum - an example of Irreducible Complexity, and a sub microscopic view of the living cell – far different from what was observed in Darwin’s day.