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Baitumetse Moloabi

Competition Entries
Competition Entries
I am a zealous visual artist who recently obtained my Diploma in Design and Studio. My area of interest and what I look to investigate through my art is who we become and who we are through what and how we learn, how we assume roles through labels that we assign to ourselves and those that ociety assigns to us, identities, gender, sex sexuality and other related topics. I find it taboo how sex education is approached by society and make art that attempts to start a conversation around that.

I love the arts in all their various factions and one of my biggest achievements to date is having started a visual and performance art project for the children in my community called Madutla. I believe such initiatives enable self expression and a space for young people to explore all possibilities of becoming. Born and raised in the small town of Thaba Nchu, I always used visual art to navigate who I am and believe that it is important to me to create a space were children can experience what I have in creative expression.

I am a black queer, Christian, artist with a keen interest in learning all I can about the spaces I occupy and sharing my experience with others so as to aid in making society more inclusive.

Competition history:
2021 Overall Winner